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Pre-Owned Gibson Les Paul 1959 Re-Issue 2001 Yamano Mint

The year 2001 has become known as the year Gibsons Custom Shop took great effort in creating a quality Historic ReIssue Series Guitar. Gibsons records indicate 2001 production of the 1959 RI R-9 Les Paul was limited to around 1000 all total: 500 for domestic USA sales and 500 for Global Export. This 1959 Gibson Historic Reissue R-9 was built for Yamano / Ishibashi Music, Japan. Yamano is known as The Premium High End Gibson Exporter with a reputation of ordering and accepting only the best. This instrument is As New, Mint, Collected and Not Played; All Case Candy is Unsigned and Unfilled. The finish is a Yamano Custom Tri-Burst. When my Friend at Gibson researched this R-9 his comment on the guitar was: "this is from the best of the best". This beautiful instrument weighs in @ 8.87 lbs. Original Hardshell Case .  One of the best if not the best 59 RI I have not only ever had, but seen.  Thanks, Tommy Allen, Pickers Paradise Guitars, Stapleton Al.  Gulf Coast Area  251-937-0511 

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